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MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is manufactured from wood fibres & glue placed under high heat and pressure. A smooth and stable product, it machines beautifully and is ideal for cabinetry, shelving, counter substrate and speaker boxes. Given it's density, it could prove to be quite heavy in large projects. It is excellent for paint or lacquer finishes. It's use is not intended for exterior applications or where extreme moisture conditions could be present. For those that might be concerned, MDF contains formaldehyde based adhesives and should be sealed on all sides and edges to slow or stop its release. In the last 15 years, formaldehyde emissions from MDF products have been reduced dramatically. The average emissions from todays products are about one sixth of those that where produced in the 1980's.

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Image Code Description Price
Product Image  HPMDF03 MDF 1/8" (3MM) 49"X97" $15.99 EA
Product Image  HPMDF06 MDF 1/4" (5.2mm) 49"X97" $21.99 EA
Product Image  HPMDF08 MDF 3/8" 49"x97" $28.99 EA
Product Image  HPMDF11 MDF 1/2" 49"x97" $29.75 EA
Product Image  HPMDF19 MDF 3/4"(19mm) 49"X97" $39.50 EA
Product Image  HPMDF25 MDF 1" 49"x97" $67.99 EA
Product Image  HPMDFLIT11 MDF SUPERLITE 4X8X 1/2"(11MM)__ $31.99 EA
Product Image  HPMDFLIT19 MDF SUPERLITE 4X8X 3/4"(18MM) $45.99 EA

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