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USES - A natural beeswax and carnuba wax blend for use on bare wood or previously sealed surfaces. Can also be used as a maintenance wax.
Method Of Application - 000 Steel Wool, Short Bristle Brush, Cloth. Coverage : 5-10 sq/m per litre. Drying Time (TOUCH) : 1 minute. RECOAT : 15 minutes. Finish : Satin to Gloss-depending on number of coats.
BAREWOOD - Ensure a clean, dry and dust free surface. Fill if required. Apply One Coat Shellac Sanding Sealer or Cellulose Sanding Sealer, allow to dry, then sand. Apply One Coat of Briwax, allow to dry and burnish with a soft cloth. Apply further coats of Briwax to increase durability and gloss level,(not more than 3 coats recommended).
SEALED WOOD - Apply Briwax, allow to dry, then burnish with a soft cloth.
Please note: This product is not suitable for exterior use.

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Image Code Description Price
Product Image  PTBRIWAX00006 BRIWAX 400gr. CLEAR $27.99 EA
Product Image  PTBRIWAX00007 BRIWAX 400gr. ANTIQUE MAHOGANY $27.99 EA
Product Image  PTBRIWAX00008 BRIWAX 400gr. GOLDEN OAK $27.99 EA
Product Image  PTBRIWAX00009 BRIWAX 400gr. DARK BROWN $27.99 EA
Product Image  PTBRIWAX00010 BRIWAX 400gr. LIGHT BROWN $27.99 EA
Product Image  PTBRIWAX00014 BRIWAX 400gr. TUDOR BROWN $27.99 EA
Product Image  PTBRIWAX00018 BRIWAX 400gr. RUSTIC PINE $27.99 EA
Product Image  PTPENOFIN00161 PENOFIN 250 EXT MARINE OIL 946m $32.99 EA
Product Image  PTBRIWAX00411 BRIWAX 400gr EBONY $27.99 EA

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